SoftSeal icon
  • Prevents air leakage & pressure marks
  • No sweating and fogging glasses
Multi-Layer Filter Media icon
  • Removes PM2.5 and small particles
  • Maximizes filter life
FeatherValve icon
  • Effortless breathing
  • No moisture or heat build-up inside
QuickStrapl icon
  • Easy to adjust
  • No impact on hair style
3D Filter Dome icon
  • Keep filtration layer away from skin
  • Maximizes filter area and comfort
Explore the IQAir Mask specifications
IQAir Mask

Sealed. Stylish. Smart.

IQAir Mask uses KN95 respiration technology to filter PM2.5, ultrafine particles (UFPs), and other common particulate pollutants.

Anti pollution mask from IQAir keeps you protected from common air pollutants

Polluted city


Man allergic to pollen


Smog over a city


Smoke cigarette

Tobacco smoke

Dust over a city


Factory spreading smoke into the air

Industrial smoke

First anti pollution mask worn by a model
Multi-Layer Filter Media icon

Multi-Layer Filter Media

A multi-layer filter media provides progressively dense fiber layers to capture a wide range of air pollution particles

  • Outer layer: Protective large particle filtration layer
  • Middle layer: Small particle filtration layer
  • Inner layer: Protective moisture proof layer
  • High removal efficiency for large and small particles (>95%)
  • Low breathing resistance
3D Filter Dome icon

3D Filter Dome™

A Soft 3D structure keeps the filter surface area off the skin and prevents sweating

  • Maximum active filter surface area allows effortless inhalation
SoftSeal icon


A soft fabric lip adapts to the user's face to avoid air leakage.

  • Ensure perfect seal of mask to a variety of face shapes
  • Avoids fogging glasses
  • Prevents face pressure makrs and lines
  • Provides superior makeup protection
FeatherValve icon


An exhaust air valve provides ultra-low air resistance due to its ultra-thin valve membrane and large size.

  • Avoids moisture build-up inside the mask
  • Allows for effortless exhalation due to low resistance when breathing out
QuickStrapl icon


  • Easy to adjust
  • Keep your hair style
  • Good looking with detail designed
Second anti pollution mask worn by a model
Girl wearing an anti pollution mask

Just breathe ... and look good doing it

No comfort is spared on an airtight seal. IQAir's SoftSeal design prevents air leakage and unattractive pressure marks, while the QuickStrap prevents hair interference and allows for quick adjustments.

IQAir Mask breathing system

Breathe easy

Effortlessly clear the anti pollution mask as you exhale, through the ultra-thin FeatherValve. The thin membrane avoids unpleasant condensation build-up, releasing CO2 before inhalation, while keeping particulates out.

Proven protection against ultrafine particles

Proven protection against ultrafine particles

The air pollution mask filters particles as small as the flu virus - along with other harmful airborne pathogens, bacteria and particulate matter.

Woman wearing an air pollution mask

All day protection and comfort

SoftSeal™ air leakage protection,with multi-layer HyperHEPA filter media for particles of all sizes and soft fabric lip adapts to the user's face to avoid air leakage.

IQAir Mask specifications

IQAir Mask
M (child), L (adult)
Suggested changing time
If the mask is dirty, damaged or respiratory resistance is obviously increased, replace the mask.
Mask background
Air Pollution Mask
Air Pollution Mask
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